Eceabat – Gallipoli Wheater Forcast (5 Days)


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Gallipoli and Eceabat
The strategic position of the Gallipoli Peninsual on the Dardanelles made it the drop back of a major World War 1 Allied offensive to take Constantinople and create a Balkan front. Eighty thousand Ottomans and more than 200,000 soldiers of the British Empire – Englishmen, Australians, New Zealanders, and Indians – lost their lives in the blood-soaked stalemate. This battle launched its hero Ataturk into his status as Turkey’s founding father. It’s best to visit the battlefileds from nearby Eceabat….. TJs TOURS offers tours through TJs Hostel in Eceabat.
Eceabat is cheaper and more convenient than Gallipoli town as a base for exploring the Gallipoli battlefields….. TJs Hostel, to the right of the main square has clean rooms.

Troy, made famous by Homer, remained under a blanket of mythology until archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann uncovered the ancient city 32km south of Canakkale-proving that the stories about Helen and the wooden horse are more than myth. Nine layers of Bronze Age fortifications are explained in the excacvation house. TJs TOURS based in Eceabat…..has excellent tours.


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