About Eceabat

Eceabat is the closest town to the Gallipoli Battlefields.
With a population of approximately 4,500 people, Eceabat still has that small town feel while giving you everything you need for a comfortable stay near the battlefields.
Settled on the shores of the famous Dardanelles, the waterway sees an average of 90 vessels a day of differing shapes and sizes passing through on their way to Istanbul and up to Russia. The ships pass through the Dardanelles, into the Marmara sea, moving through the Bosphorous Straits and into the Black sea.

Sitting by the harbour or from the top floor of the Eceabat Hotel, you can be mesmerized by the many vessels which pass by at an easy viewing distance. Everything from submarines to cruise liners, yachts to small fishing boats go by at varying speeds.

Originally a small fishing village known as Maydos, Eceabat was shelled heavily during the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 and has since been reconstructed over the years with taller apartment-like buildings which is very common throughout Turkey.
Still a fishing town by trade, you can see the original village-like houses if you step back just two streets from the harbour itself.

Eceabat is now making a name for itself as “the place to stay” at Gallipoli within the tourist industry, as many people prefer to use it as their base for visiting the battlefields. Staying in Eceabat saves time and money in ferry crossings and fees. Easy access to the best beaches in the area, just a ten-minute drive from town, also pleases visitors.

The people of Eceabat are very friendly and enjoy sharing their town with visitors. Many traditional and local celebrations can be seen in the town square and the locals are always welcoming to anyone who wishes to watch or participate in such occasions.

Eceabat Township offers the following services:

Post office
International telephone lines
Internet cafes
Local bus services to the beaches
Tourist-friendly bars
Male and female hair salons
Bus transport to all major and many smaller places around Turkey
Beautiful Dardanelle views
Easy access to the Gallipoli battlefields
Great photo opportunities of fishing boats and general life in a small Turkish town