The Dardanelles gets regular winds. This is why all parts of the Strait but especially Guzelyali are suitable for windsurfing lovers. Bozcaada, with its clean & shallow waters, is an alternative destination for windsurfing. Be sure to spend plenty of time experiencing the outdoor activities of the region…

The Dardanelles, the Gulf of Saroz, Bozcaada & Gokceada are home to many wrecks that divers would be interested in. At the southern or Aegean mouth of the Dardanelles there is the wreck of the Kaptan Franko, while the Lundy lies in 30 metres off of Kemikli point in the Gulf of Saroz. Both wrecks can be dived on. At Gokceada’s Kuzu Port there are the remains of wreck dating from WW1. Kuzu Port & its surrounded have been declared an Underwater National Park & present a great alternative for divers. In the region between the Mermer Lighthouse & the Anatolian side you across giant anchors & ship wrecks. Around Esek island between Orfoz & Karayer islands there is a diving point where you can see all types of life forms. In Bozcaada the south coastline of Mermer Point & the Tuz Point are suitable for free diving.

Handcrafts & shopping
Working clay In the recent years Canakkale’s traditional handcrafted pottery work has been regenerated & clay vases, pots, jars, carafes, cups slat shakers & etc are being made. These are marketed as souvenirs. Handcraft souvenirs made of ceramics that symbolise the Trojan horse & so forth are sold in shops around the Canakkale wharf & the shops at historical sites. In the villages of Ezine, Bayramic & Ayvacik among the yoruks (nomads) the weaving of carpets & rugs is common. The carpets with traditional Anatolian motives are made from % 100 wool. The main colours used in carpets here are red, yellow, green & blue. The red & blue is applied in large design patterns & in the background of the carpet while green & yellow is applied in the design or bordering pattern. The products generally are in the sizes of a praying mat & have intricate designs. In co-operatives formed here great importance is given to preserving the traditional carpets of the region. Other woven products; In the villages of Bayramic & Biga strong coarse wool cloth & thin wool material is made & in the villages of the Eceabat district macramé & female baggy trousers from local wool are woven. Throughout the region traditional socks & bath flannel material is common.

Trekking & jeep safari in Mount Ida
Some parts of Mount Ida are a national park & you need permission to enter this zone. Personal request are not approved. This is necessary both for the safety of the mountain & the person. The best solution is to take a tour from the one of the big cities or from the local agencies.

Jeep safaris
For the trekking there are numerous routes. The degree of hardness of the route varies. Some are tours that go up to the summit & set up tents there & some are soft daily tours. There are also tours where you are take a tractor trailer to a certain point & then walk up to the peak. During these tours lighting fires is forbidden so meals are served cold. Due to its very rich fauna & flora there used to be herb collecting tours in the past. There are 26 species endemic to Mount Ida & 15 types of vegetation that only grow on Mount Ida in Turkey that are not endemic. This vegetation is a part of the world heritage. These tours were not allowed anymore by the threat of having these plantations uprooted intentionally or not. Tours in the company of a guide are allowed. Photographing, filming or watching of the vegetation is allowed. Mount Ida is rich in terms of plants used for healing & as part of the local culture, many plants are used in various ways to cure diseases. Here it is necessary to lend your ears to the experts. The plants were being used for treatment purposes from very ancient times. Today, most of the modern drugs are made by using plants but in the region one should be careful about other plants than those used in cooking that are used by treatment. Even very common & well known herb teas when taken too much can pose problems. In the mythological it said that Zeus turned into an eagle & brought the handsome Ganymedes to Mount Olympus & the handsome boy ate ambrossia & drank the nectar just like gods. The story goes that he became immortal but one should remember that it is worth leaving the last say to medicine.

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